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  • In this podcast book review, I'm covering Ty Hutchinson's The Puzzle Maker. The music track is Run with Me from my CD, Living In strange Times. Listen on my website, and your favorite podcast and music providers. Without Music Life […]
  • Welcome In this The July Featured Tracks playlist and podcast July’s Featured Tracks playlist, I’ve added five of my absolute favorites smooth jazz, blues and ballads. In this playlist we have Your Kiss, Never Meant To make You Cry, Make […]
  • Happy Juneteenth and Happy Father’s Day and welcome to my website, and podcast episodes Book Reviews. In this book review, I'm covering, A Book of Villains, the last in the Ty Hutchinson series, named Mui Thrillers. The sample track is […]
  • Welcome In this The June Featured Tracks playlist and podcast episode I am featuring five awesome tracks. I'm Gonna Let It Ride, Why Do I Keep Running Back To You, Tired, Make It A Double and Smooth As I Wanna […]

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