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Hello. My most recent CD’s are listed below and below that are my most recent post from my website www.refort.co.
Hope you enjoy the music

The Music

Life on The Other Side

[Copyright © 2023 by R.E. Fort]

Told Ya
[Copyright © 2022 by R.E. Fort]

Living In Strange Times
[Copyright © 2020 by R.E. Fort]

Smooth As I Wanna Be
[Copyright © 2019 by R.E. Fort]

[Copyright © 2017 by R.E. Fort]

I’m Gonna Let It Ride
[Copyright © 2016 by R.E. Fort]

Featured Tracks Playlist June 2023 R.E. Fort

Hello music fans, welcome back to my Podcast and June's Featured Tracks Playlist. With the release of my newest CD, Life on The Other Side, I thought I would feature on this month's playlist four great tracks on that CD, the title track  Life on The Other Side, Why Don't Ya Just Let Us Play, Loves All I Have to Give, and Listen To Your Heart. To listen to the full tracks, and to find links to the playlist I’ve created go to my website, refort.co/playlist or find this playlist on my YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon Music sites.As always, Without Music Life Has No Soul
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