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Without Music Life Has No Soul

Hello. My most recent CD’s are listed below and below that are my most recent post from my website www.refort.co.
Hope you enjoy the music

The Music

Told Ya
[Copyright © 2022 by R.E. Fort]

Living In Strange Times
[Copyright © 2020 by R.E. Fort]

Smooth As I Wanna Be
[Copyright © 2019 by R.E. Fort]

[Copyright © 2017 by R.E. Fort]

I’m Gonna Let It Ride
[Copyright © 2016 by R.E. Fort]

Featured Tracks Playlist May 2022 R.E. Fort

For May's featured tracks playlist, I added three tracks from my new cd Told Ya. The first track is Just Stay, next up is a fun track named For All The Good Times and the last track is named Blues Ain't Blue Enough. Remember to hear the full tracks, check out my YouTube channel, Spotify, Amazon Music and my website. Now if you’re listening on my website, just scroll down and click play in the YouTube player to hear all the tracks. Without Music Life Has No Soul.
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