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Without music, life has no soul
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From then until now
[Copyright 2013 by R.E. Fort BUY]

Featuring 7 new releases of Smooth jazz, Chill, Ballads, Blues and 3 never before released classics R.E. tunes


Night Grooves, Somewhere in the night, Something about your smile and Your still on my mind are full of lush strings, beautiful keyboards and rhythmic drums. Constance, Take my hand and From then until now are great, guitar chords/solos, piano, bass and soft pads for accents.

Hope you enjoy

[Copyright 2012 by R.E. Fort BUY]

In this CD you will find 10 new tracks among them three that i wrote sometime ago but never released. In this CD there is good mix of Chill, Smooth jazz, Jazz Funk and just good music. Some of my favorites are: Groovy, Cruisin, One Night in LA and Endless.


Hope you enjoy