Book Review Say You’re Sorry

In this review, I covering a book series and writer I found on my Kindle app, Say You’re Sorry by Melinda Leigh. The book introduces our hero Ms. Morgan Dane. A one time assistant district attorney and now a widowed single mother of three small children. Her husband John was killed on a mission in Iraq. For the last three years, she has been a stay at home mother dealing with her grief, and raising her three small children while living with her grandfather. Tonight she’s been asked to become the Assistance District Attorney in her new home of Scarlet Falls. Starting a new life here with her children and her grandfather seemed to be perfect.

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Once back at home after saying good night to her daughters, grandfather, and Nick, the neighbor who’d come over and play chess with her grandfather. Morgan gets a phone call from a distraught friend of the family. Their granddaughter, Tessa didn’t come home tonight. Morgan enlist the help of an old friend, ex-police officer, and now PI named Lance to help find the missing girl. Since Tessa is now 18 there isn’t much the police can do, but Morgan and Lance are willing to try. They take off to the known hangout spots for teenagers searching for her. What they find changes everything in this small town.

This story is well written, with characters that you immediately root for. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Say You’re Sorry a solid 5. This story is captivating, fast paced and a great read. I am looking forward to reading more from Melinda Leigh.

The 5 sample tracks on this post are from the new CD 10

The Tracks

When night falls

Highway 101 Feels like a song you would hear sitting in some cool jazz club listening to a Jazz quartet. I love the sound of my Schafer hollow body guitar, and the acoustic solo at the end. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Blues



 Chasing Aries Unplugged, just guitars, bass guitar with some cool drums. This one was the first song I started writing for this album. I’m playing my Fender acoustic electric for rhythm and solo’s. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017. Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz


 Storm Bringer A classic rock opera I wrote back in the 80’s with my late writing partner and good friend Gabe Sinohui. After years of playing this track without the band, I felt it was time to re-record this with just piano, strings, guitars, and some cool drums. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Soft Rock


 Make It A Double This one just rocks, blues mixed with a cool smooth jazz groove. I love the second solo, chord changes and drum tracks. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz


 One Step Closer To You I love this track, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody. I keep hearing “With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad


 So Cool This track is one of those cool jazz jams that gets your feet moving. A cool jazz jam so cool I had to name it So cool. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz


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